Thursday, June 14, 2012

20 advices when starting to learn PHP

Here is a great article to read if you are just starting to learn php. The presented advices are:

  1.  Program as often as you possibly can
  2. Get familiar with the PHP manual
  3. Take advantages of the huge online PHP Community
  4. Don't put off the best practices for later
  5. Don't put off the best practices for later(to be sure you saw this)
  6. Make code self-documenting
  7. Add a comment to anything you had to think about
  8. Learn Docblock and use it!
  9. Don't be too hardcore to use an IDE
  10. Group common code into functions
  11. Group related functions into classes
  12. Use constants, not globals
  13. Don't be afraid to use includes
  14. Don't obsess over performance
  15. Avoid Marrying HTML to your scripts
  16. Try to use at least one unfamiliar concept in every project
  17. Don't be too proud to change
  18. Validate
  19. Whitelists instead of blacklists
  20. Learn to count like a computer
Please read the article to understand better each advice. Thank you Jason Lengstorf at .

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