Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Start learning Symfony2 help

You want to learn Symfony2? Here check the next list of websites that I found and learned from:
  1.  Darren Rees wrote a great tutorial for creating a blog in Symfony2. This tutorial helped me to get started with Symfony2, I hope it will help you too.
  2. You should read all you can from the official website because the documentation is great and there is a lot of stuff that will help you get started. Also there are some very interesting videos about Symfony2 at
  3.  This presentation made by Fabien Potencier helped me a lot, because he explains in detail how some of the components work.
  4. Symfony2 the maturity of PHP frameworks in this video Stefan Koopmanschap is explaining a lot of interesting stuff about Symfony2 that will help you understand about the framework. 
  5. A kind sir made a Jobeet tutorial with Symfony2

I hope this will help you! If you know other good learning resources please post them here. Thank you!

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